There is no need to chase someone who has done something in the interest of the state, Uzelac said in a statement to Alsat Television.

The President of NAIM, Mirko Uzelac in a statement for the political magazine 360 ​​° on Alsat Television expressed a position in defense of our member and innovator Assoc. Dr. Dragi Rashkovski.

Recording for Alsat Television, Skopje

“It does not mean that only stupid people should work in the government, there are also smart people there. So, Dragi is our member before joining the Government. This is not the only patent he does. So it is about a top innovator, who has top ideas and top patents and now someone has complained about whether it was procured after this procedure or that procedure, we are not interested in the procedures, we are not interested in the project itself “, says Uzelac .

Recording for Alsat Television, Skopje

According to Uzelac, Rashkovski’s patent is a modern solution for traffic safety.

“It is something that belongs exclusively to the field of security and is exclusively decided by the state, including the Ministry of Interior, and whether it will be used today, tomorrow it is something else, or the Government may eventually sell it, if the right is transferred, I do not know if it was transferred, if he bought it, the right was probably transferred, he can sell it to another country and there is absolutely no suspicion of any crime or I do not know what. “Finally, there are institutions for what they regulate, so to speak, such, conditionally speaking, problems or insinuations.”

Check out the statement on our official YouTube channel below:

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