On October 8th, 2015 in the House of Army in Skopje was held a gala presentation of the successfully accomplished pilot-project called “FROM IDEA TO PATENT” in which a group of students from “Josip Broz” High-school from Skopje took part. There were several phases of realization of the pilot-project which took a period of 6 months. The result was an invention designed by the students Gorjan Malevski, Marko Mladenovski and Kosta Nachevski. The invention was submitted as a patent to the State Office of Industrial Property of The Republic of Macedonia.

The presentation took place in a pleasant ambience of the House of Army, in a hall equipped adequately for presentations. It was sponsored by The State Office of Industrial Property of The Republic of Macedonia and Ministry of Defence of Macedonia.

After greeting the audience, the member of the Board of the Association “Inventor Mihajlo Pupin” Dr. Daniela Rizova announced the first speaker Mr. Zllatku Blerim, head of a Department at the Ministry of Economy of RM. He greeted the project and pointed out the successful cooperation between the Ministry and the Association as well as the readiness of the Ministry to help and support the innovators.

The President of the Association Mr. Mirko Uzelac was the next to address the audience. He extended a gratitude to the guests on behalf of the Association and presented the aims of the project and the ways of its realization. He pointed out that the pilot-project exceeded the regional limits by its originality and enters the sphere of world educational workshops from the field of invention.

Before he presented the leading people of this pilot-project, Mr. Mirko Uzelac talked about the problems and the difficulties that inventors came across on the way to realization of their patents, especially those that worked as individuals. Also he put an accent on the cooperation with the State Office of Industrial Property, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Education and the Innovations Fund conducted and followed by the Government of Republic of Macedonia through the Cabinet of the vice prime minister Mr. V. Pesevski.

As a result of the Pilot project a patent application has been submitted to the State Office of Industrial Property of The Republic of Macedonia under the name “Electrical Device for Disinfection of Footwear Using Evaporating Liquids with Disinfection Properties”. This patent was presented by the inventors Gorjan Malevski, Marko Mladenovski i Kosta Nacevski. After the presentation they answered questions from the audience as well as from reporters from electronic media. The audience was thrilled by the performance of these young inventors and found the invention very useful.

The next to address the audience was Mrs. Violeta Atanasovska from the Ministry of Education and Science (Department of Science and technological development) who had been authorized by the EU to help the applicants from the Republic of Macedonia regarding the project “Horizon 2020” conducted by the EU. She acclaimed the educational pilot-project of our Association and the young inventors and explained the possibilities of the EU project “Horizon 2010” and its importance to the inventors in the Republic of Macedonia. Afterwards, she answered questions from the audience.

After the press conference the ceremony continued in the Cocktail Lounge where guests and participants had a chance to meet and discuss the pilot-project “From Idea to Patent” and the topics related to innovation activities in our country and in the rest of the world.

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