An inventor from the National Association of Innovators of Macedonia has patented an entirely new type of reusable protective mask which is expected to overcome the syndrome of “reluctance to wearing a protective mask” as one of the main obstacles on the way to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why people are reluctant to wearing a protective mask

With most of the models of protective masks available on the market the air is inhaled through the layers of textile the mask is made of and is exhaled partly through the layers of the mask and partly from the sides of the mask at the cheeks. With each inhale, part of the already exhaled air that remains within the mask is inhaled again. That air, of course is of poor quality – consists less oxygen and higher quantity of co2. As a result of this, the wearer of the mask experiences both physical and mental fatigue. This makes the mask very uncomfortable for extended usage hence the syndrome of reluctance to wearing it.

The most of the valve face masks also have flaws and are not completely safe to use and do not fit the purpose.

The offer of this type of protective masks is a result of simplification in production in order to meet the market needs, especially at moments when the product is in high demand.

The world has never before been faced with a pandemic of such proportions hence the lack of concepts and ideas for new types of face masks that would be both effective and comfortable for prolonged wearing.

Why is the new type of a face mask better?

With this mask the air is inhaled through the little holes in the material the mask is made of directly in the nose and exhaled through special canals outside of the mask. This way the wearer always inhales a new portion of air from outside.

Who can manufacture the new type of mask?

The same manufacturers that produce the existing face masks in cooperation with producers of plastic and silicone products can make them by simply sewing patches of the same material on the mask to which silicone and plastic parts are attached.

The additional parts can be completely taken out for cleaning purposes and reattached after the textile part of the mask is washed and disinfected.

The added parts for oral exhalation can raise the price of the mask only insignificantly as they are reusable and of low maintenance. They can be washed with a dish washing detergent.

The author’s opinion is that this type of mask will significantly improve the situation with corona crisis. It is a durable solution that offers both full protection and comfort.

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