NAIM at the 24th International Fair of Innovations and New Technologies “ARCHIMEDES”

Russia, Moscow

Today (March 26, 2021) ended the 24th International Fair of Innovation and New Technologies “ARCHIMEDES” held in Moscow organized by ARCHIMED CLUB. 600 patents from 19 countries from all continents and 34 regions received the right to participate. The fair was held “live” in the largest cultural center in Moscow “COSMOS”.

Russia, Moscow

In this competition, our representatives won elite awards, as follows:
Dr. Dragan Jovanov for his patent “Agrofito tonic”, Gold Medal (from the expert jury), Cup for the most successful young scientist in the field, Gold Medal (special award from the partner of the fair

Boris Deskoski for his patent “Electronic stick for the blind” Gold medal (from the expert jury) and Gold medal from the Union of Inventors of the Russian Federation (Sevastopol).

Our representatives received several special awards (diplomas) from prestigious Russian universities. Their patents have aroused great interest among visitors, but also in the professional field.