2nd International Fair of Patents, Innovations, and New Technologies

Dom na ARM, Skopje, Macedonia

21st – 23rd September, 2018

organized by the National Association of Innovators of Macedonia (NAIM)

The opening ceremony began with a word from Mirko Uzelac – president of NAIM, after which followed the speeches of Borko Babalj – the official representative of IFIA, Prof. D-r Dragi Rashkovski – General Secretary of the Goverment of Macedonia, Nevena Ikonomova – representative of Fund for Innovation and Technology Development (FITD), and Slobodanka Trajkovska – representative of State Office of Industrial Property (SOIP).

After the speeches from the esteemed guests, Mirko Uzelac declared the INOVAMAK 2018 open.

At INOVAMAK 2018 took part twice as many countries as did at the INOVAMAK 2017 – the first International fair of patents, innovations, and new technologies. The increase in the number of participants meant more exhibited works in form of prototypes and posters. At INOVAMAK 2018 took part 20 countries/participants: P.R. China, The Russian Federation, USA, India, Taiwan, Syria, Morocco, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Korea, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina with Republika Srpska, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia with total of 102 patents, prototypes and posters. At the Fair, patents and new technologies from various areas were exhibited: airplane jet engines, new type of dentistry implants and tools for their mounting, camping house with natural passive air-conditioning system, knee implants, elbow and hand implant, a medical device for determining the level of glucose in the blood from breath outflow; research submarine; self-climbing machine that cleans and paints the street lamps and many more.

In such a strong competition, Jury had difficult job to choose the best patents and innovations. President of the Jury was M-r Ali Asani – State Agency for Industrial Property, and other members of the jury was: Svetlana Dasic – Vice President of the State Association of Inventors of Belgrade, Slobodanka Trajkovska and Irena Daneva – State Agency for Industrial Property, Borko Babalj – Official representativa of IFIA, Mirko Mitic – Regional representative of both ARHIMED KLUB from Moscow and the Association of Inventors of the Russian Federation.

Jury of Experts awarded 65 Gold, 13 Silver and 11 Bronze medals. A Special plaque was awarded by The State Agency of Industrial Property to two of the exhibitors: Marjan Nenov (for the best patent from Macedonia) and to Daniela Rizova (as the best female innovator from Macedonia).

The Union of Innovators of Belgrade awarded the members of NAIM Big Gold Medal and Gold Medals featuring a portrait of Nikola Tesla. Gold medals and diplomas were awarded also by Association of Inventors from Syria. The Unity of Innovators and The Innovators Club Archimedes from The Russian Federation awarded Mirko Uzelac a Gold medal of Merit for Innovations improvement; Gold Cup Trophy of Merit for Innovations improvement to: Zlatko Pankov, Marjan Nenov and Vladimir Filevski; Gold Medals to the NAIM was awarded by Associations of Innovators of Romania and Association of Innoavtors of R. Srpska. To some of the guests from abroad and to the Macedonian innovators who took part in the organization, graduate artist Deni Tasic donated his graphic arts.

NAIM awarded Gold Plaques to: Svetlana Dasic (Association of Inventors of Belgrade); Slobodanka Trajkovska (SOIP); Irena Daneva (SOIP) and Ali Asani (SOIP) and Silver Plaques to: Leonina Pekevska-Korneti, Marko Shipka, Mihail Arsovski and Deni Tasic.