National Association of Inventors of Macedonia (NAIM) helped four Macedonian inventors to present their patented inventions on ARCHIMED 2019 – one of the biggest fairs of inventions and innovative technologies in the world that took place in Moscow March 26th – 29th. Our inventors were presented by Mr. Mirko Uzelac, president of NAIM. All of the four Macedonian inventors won medals. The most prestigious one, the Cup (a Grand-prix in the field of environment protection) awarded to the inventor Zlatko Pankov from Skopje by the Expert award jury for his invention “Camping tent with natural air-conditioning system”. The same inventor also won the big Cup for protected trademark, Gold medal featuring a portrait of Archimedes and a Special award Gold medal awarded by the Association of Inventors of Iraq. 

The Expert award jury of ARHIMED 2019 awarded Gold Medals to the following inventors:

Vladimir Dimitrov for the patent “Cascade (serial) attached power sources modem of one-way current flow”. 

Boris Sekirarski for the patent “Electronically controlled weather forecast”

Marjan Nenov for the patent “Energetically combined solar power plant”

On the Fair 34 countries took part with 1240 patents and innovative technologies. NAIM managed to get the central spot in the exhibition hall for the Macedonian stand, just between the main entrance and the ceremonial stage. At the main ceremony accompanied by the Russian military orchestra spoke Russian scientists of high rank, academics and university professors. The Fair was declared opened by the director Dmitrij Zezulin.

Macedonian stand drew a significant interest among the visitors and the people of science and professionals which created a lot of possibilities for the Macedonian inventors for complete realization of their patented inventions.